Giggling Green Lights

There are times that I am so blissfully in sync with the Universe that it gives us both a case of the giggles. Now is one of those times.

I had errands to run, things to do around the house, and a client call set for 4:30 p.m. yesterday. As I finished up the household projects, I realized that I was only 70 minutes away from my call. I normally take 15 minutes to relax prior to a call, but knew that wouldn’t be possible today if I were to complete one of my errands. Somehow, I just knew the 15 minutes wouldn’t be needed.

“Twenty minutes there, twenty minutes inside, and twenty minutes back will give me ten to spare,” I calculated.

Traffic was heavy and the trip over was 25 minutes. Though my mind wanted to focus on doubts, it all still felt right. I could feel a positive hum in the vibration of the Universe. “I still have five extra,” I reasoned, and the energy resonated a little higher.

As I did my best to hurry around inside the store, I found several aisles blocked by other shoppers. I encountered the same elderly lady three times, who was deaf as a post and had nothing to do except peruse whatever was nearest. Rather than indulge impatience, I found a way around her the first two times, sharing a smile with her as I passed. The third time, her son shifted her cart out of the way. Again, smiles.

A child in a cart smiled and waved hello. I stopped to greet him, “Hello.” His grin widened. “Bye-bye!” he chortled as he laughed and waved. The energy bubbled higher, and I enjoyed the feeling of it tickling through me.

As I approached the checkout, I was still looking for two items on my list. “Can I help you?” an adorable clerk asked. She quickly pointed out the items, helped me place everything on the belt, then rang up my purchases. We chatted and laughed through the transaction. I left the store with a huge smile on my face.

Loading my purchases in the car, I realized I had only twenty minutes until my appointment. Rather than instilling anxiety, I felt a bit conspiratorial. I could feel an invitation from the Universe to laugh my way home. As much fun as I was already having, I was game to give it a go.

As I giggled my way home, the lights turned green. One by one, my giggles turned into little miracles. Out of the dozen or so lights, only one was red, and it didn’t stay that way for long.

Positive energy carries power. I’m noticing that when I giggle, the Universe giggles back, and all kinds of good things happen!

Oh, and I got home in plenty of time to put my goodies in the refrigerator before my call!

CELEBRATE EVERYTHING! it makes the Universe giggle!

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  1. I understand exactly what you mean by “the universe giggles back”! Thank you for teaching me to be open to receiving all of the gifts meant for me.

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