Something wonderful is waiting… just around the bend!

Mystic’s Mile is my playground, my passion, and my love. You’ve found the place where I dance with what is nearest and dearest to my heart.

Most of what I will share here defies logic. The voices, the energies, the visions, the messages… if you are looking for a logical explanation, please refer to the Universities studying that type of phenomena. It’s not my job to think that hard.

I’m sharing the journey, because I know it is what I am supposed to do. Perhaps you are here because you (or a family member) have these experiences, too, and need to know you (they) aren’t crazy.

Perhaps you were drawn here because you need guidance and direction from something greater than your own mind. Facilitating that connection is what I do best.

Perhaps you are exploring paths to healing. Welcome Home. The paths are many, and they all will get you to the same place, some faster, some slower. I invite you to find the one that feels good to you, and follow it. You cannot possibly do it wrong. I promise.

In my reality, there are no healers. Healing is ultimately an inside job. I offer you tools for growth and support for life. I am purely a catalyst for healing. Your healing will occur at your pace and timing. There is no need to rush yourself, only a great need to be kind to you. (Being kind to me was one of my big lessons.) You don’t have to do it alone any more; I’ll help you find the way. Supporting your highest good is my highest honor.

A bit about me. I’m an Intuitive, Mentor, Life Coach, Minister, Writer, and more. If you’re already overwhelmed, try being me. I have a wicked sense of humor, an IQ that borders on ridiculous, and a rather large cat named Buddha. I affiliate myself with no particular religion, preferring a Divine Relationship. I ramble, wax philosophic, and sometimes get straight to the point.

Most of all, I’m learning. With any luck at all, I always will be. I came here to learn. With experience came the knowing that I also came here to have fun. No matter what you have come to learn, my goal is to make the experience both worthwhile and fun!

Learning, creating, growing, and exploring are messy. In order to make the most of them, I give me, you, and everyone else permission… to be messy and have fun doing it! You will not be held to perfection in this space. You will be held accountable to discover what is best for you. Messes will be CELEBRATED (they are signs of your creativity and growth!)

After all, it’s about the journey. Let’s see what there is to see!

Disclaimer: I am human; therefore, I will get it wrong from time to time. These episodes are called mistakes (if I did them intentionally, they would be called on-purposes.) I believe mistakes are crucial. Mistakes happen when we are exploring, creating, learning, and widening our current abilities. Exploring, creating, learning, and expanding my abilities are essential in my life ~ I wouldn’t have gotten this far and become able to help so many without them.
Therefore: I PROMISE YOU that I will make mistakes and you will, too. We will get it ‘wrong’ from time to time, but getting it wrong is perfectly alright. It’s part of the growing process, both mine and yours. I will also admit my mistakes when I am aware of them. Thus, I will have no pretense; you will get everything that I have available. I trust that you will be master of YOUR OWN destiny. YOU will make the final decisions about what is right for you. YOU will decide what you want to learn from the messes of life. YOU will be celebrated, in your creating, learning, exploring, and expanding, even when you aren’t celebrating yourself. Ultimately YOU make the choice in taking what you need from the time we spend together.
How’s that for a disclaimer?
Life is easier with understanding in place; at least, it is for me!

You are welcome to wander freely through my musings; they are my gift to you and anyone else who may find them helpful. I offer a variety of services on my aptly named Services page. If you are interested in private, one-on-one coaching, please email Joanna@JoannaDavis.com or call 407-280-1636 for details.

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